Illustrations for various articles in the sociological journal published by VTsIOM
How is magazine illustration different?
First of all, freedom. As a rule, publishers have "burning deadlines" and low budgets, so they are ready to give the content of the illustration at the mercy of the artist who agreed to work in such conditions. I value freedom above all blessings, so I am happy to take on the creation of a magazine illustration. Often the situation is complicated by the fact that I do not see the text that I am illustrating, they send me some kind of summary. But even so, this work seems attractive to me.
The first 2 illustrations - about caring for children during a pandemic and about artificial intelligence - I did by hand. The last one - about the relationship between the state and small business - was mixed with manual and digital graphics. First, 3 ideas and outlines of the composition were provided. The editors boldly chose the toughest option, where the role of the State is played by a sumo wrestler, and business, as usual...
I have 1 original about artificial intelligence, you can buy (for non-commercial use) here