Graphic artist Shedrina Maria

I, as a graphic artist, work mainly with paper, cardboard and variations - from collage to experimental techniques for combining different materials.
to the touch,
made right
and left hands
without looking at the paper
As an avid experimenter, in each work I make a small discovery. In art, I'm interested in "swimming behind the buoys" and "going into outer space". The routine path of monotonous paintings -
not mine.
briefly about myself
Born in the family of the artist Sergei Dergun, she received her professional education first at art school No. 2 in Ufa, then at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Togliatti branch of Samara State University (TFSGPU).
I have been a graphic designer for 25 years, specializing in book design and packaging.
Since 2020, I have returned to easel graphics and plan to stay in this profession. I started working in print graphics (etching, lithography), I continue to illustrate and design books, I draw a lot from nature.
In my work, I consider “liveness” to be the main thing. I care about the world around me and I'm interested in portraying it the way I feel.
Constant experiments with materials, techniques, methods and combinations of the incompatible lead me to my little creative discoveries. My works cannot be copied, even to me, they are all the results of these spontaneous experiments.
Since 2021, I have been running a free educational online project @nadojehudozka in Telegram, where I show artists and creative people how to get themselves out of creative crises with the help of just experiments.

My works are in private collections in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Israel, Estonia, Georgia and Russia.

since 2022 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia, St. Petersburg branch, graphics section
2022 - Illustratio
Saint-Petersburg, Molbert gallery
2022 - SOMA
Saint-Petersburg, Molbert gallery
2022 - 90-years anniversary Union artist exhibition
Saint-Petersburg, Artist union hall
2022 - From the blank page
Saint-Petersburg, Molbert gallery
2021 - Applicants
Saint-Petersburg, Artist union hall
2021 - Spring
Saint-Petersburg, Artist union hall
2020 - Autumn
Saint-Petersburg, Artist union hall
2020 - Summer
Saint-Petersburg, Artist union hall
1994 - 2 autocities
1992 - New generation
Обо мне
рекомендации для вступления в СХ СПб
от известных художников-графиков - Михаила Абрамовича Бычкова, Александра Михайловича Лыткина и Аллы Джигирей
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